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Angel Locsin Sex Tape Scandal

Angel-LosinAngel Locsin is the Philippines top young actress today. The Filipina superstar appeared in primetime blockbuster series in her bra and panties as a superhero and hit fantasy films. But she is rumored to have appeared in a sex tape with a Japanese guy.

Her handlers meanwhile denies any of it, saying that the girl in the sex video is not Angel Locsin but , a Thai adult movie star.

But a photo here in this post of Natt Chanapa Natt Chanapa Nong Natt Nett Kesarindefinitely does not resemble Angel Locsin while the alleged Angel Locsin sex tape looks very much like Angel Locsin, see video below.

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Judge for yourself.


Korean Singer Baek Ji Young Sex Tape Scandal

Baek Ji Young, a South Korean pop singer, was on the fast track to stardom in 1999 with a successful debut album, her own radio show and an advertising contract with a Korean shoe company.

Then it happened. A raunchy videotape of Baek Ji Young in a bedroom romp with her former manager turned up on an Internet pay-per-view porn site, radio stations then scrambled to pull her songs off the air and television stations canceled appearances. The shoe company put its Baek Ji Young ads on hold.

The sex tape became Korea’s Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee famous tape. An instant hit, with everyone wanting to see the sex video.

Then Baek Ji Young got feisty, denouncing her former manager and denying she knew he had the camera rolling. That spunky attitude has turned the young entertainer into an unlikely cause celebre for South Korea’s growing women’s rights movement.

Watch the Baek Ji Young Sex Tape here